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MVW News 07 May 2016

Rolf Wheel Deal

If you missed out on the previous Rolf Wheel Deal, and if you would still like to purchase a pair of wheels, then you now have another opportunity to do so. If an order of five wheel sets is arranged, then a second order will be placed.  Pricing for the wheels is 33% off the price listed on the Rolf Prima website.  Please contact me by Saturday, May 14th if you would like to purchase a set of wheels.  

Race Worker Sign-Up

Each racing member needs to work just two races this season.  Please refer to the schedule to sign-up for each race's worker requirements and the open slots available for each of the races.     To sign-up simply e-mail Scott.  

Also, this Tuesday's crit at the Owens Driving Pad is in need of the only worker required for this race.  Let me know ASAP if you are willing to direct this event.

Breakfast Ride Time Change

In case you missed the text, Breakfast Rides now begin at 8:00am.  The first group will leave Fort Meigs at 8:00am and the second group will depart five minutes later at 8:05am.  

Breakfast Ride Routes

I've been asked why we've not been riding River Road to Grand Rapids on the weekends.  The short answer to this is Old 24 is such a nice roadway, and we've simply gotten out of the routine of riding on the Wood County side of the river.  The plan to rectify this is as follows.  On Saturday mornings the Breakfast Ride route will be through Lucas County via Old 24.  On Sunday mornings the route will through Wood County via SR 65.  This established schedule will allow members to who are arriving late to know where to ride in order to meet the group on the road.  The schedule will begin on the weekend of May 13 & 14.

Club Race Fees

The cost to participate in each Club race is $8.00, except for the omnium that is held at the Toledo Speedway.  The Speedway event is $15 due to the rental cost of the facility.  Of the $8.00 each member pays to race $3.75 is paid to USAC for insurance costs; the remaining $4.25 is used to defray the Club's cost of filing separate race permits for each of the race venues.  

Please make a reasonable attempt to have the correct change for the race fees, as I sometimes run short of one and ten dollar bills when so many folks pay with twenties.  

Results Submissions to USAC

Beginning with the first event of this season I will submit the results of Club races to USAC.  This will allow Cat 5 riders to use our events for license upgrade to Cat 4. Our Club races can only be used for upgrade from Cat 5 to Cat 4.  However, it is my demure opinion that if USAC makes a mistake and tallies points from a Club race to upgrade a rider from Cat 4 to Cat 3 (or other category) then USAC should be none the wiser!

Wheelmen Racing Team Socks

The Club will be working on an order of Defeet custom socks that will coordinate with the new kits.  Following an informal survey at this weekend's Breakfast Ride, the order will include both a shorter cuff sock and a longer cuff sock.  More info will follow as the plans develop.

Club Communications via Facebook Messenger

Due to a host of technical testing issues with various carriers, mobile devices and operating systems, impromptu and unofficial Club communications are being conducted via a group on Facebook Messenger.  To be part of this group you must install the FB Messenger app on your device.  Once that is accomplished you can join the group, which is called  MVW.  If you have questions about joining the group, give Scott a call:  419-494-3366.

MVW On Snapchat

Unbeknownst to many, the Club does have a little-used Snapchat account.  As one might expect the account name is Maumee Valley Wheelmen.  It's my intent to use this account to post photos of Club events and races.  If you don't have a Snapchat account, it's one of life's very few shortcomings that is extremely easy to correct! You simply need the free app for your device.

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