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Tour of the Valley Crit (Stage 3)

27 Jul 2012 12:35 PM | Anonymous

When looking over the overall standings Sunday morning I was surprised to find that despite my 13th place finish in the road race, which was heavily weighted with regards to points, I was still in 6th place overall and had an outside shot at winning the whole thing if things fell into place.  My main concern with Sunday’s crit was the amount of soreness my legs had developed due to riding through the muscle cramps during the road race, and how this would affect my ability to complete a one hour crit that would take me up a short, but very steep section of roadway multiple times.  Despite my concerns this effort was one of those where once you settle in after the first 5 minutes or so everything just goes away.  I really rode a great race, putting myself in all of the right positions and picking my moves well.  Minus the two cars that somehow found their way onto the course and the torrential downpour at about 30 minutes in and a major crash that followed, the race was pretty uneventful, which as I seem to always get the short end of the stick when things happen, was good for me.  With the roads still very wet on the last lap, I knew I needed to be real close to the front on the second to last corner, which was at the bottom of a hill and where the crash had occurred earlier.  Sure enough, a guy who had gapped the field a bit went down hard on the wet pavement, but I was ready for it and was able to go inside and avoid the crash.  From there it was a bit chaotic with people trying to make last minute moves.  I held my position and was in second wheel heading into the final 200 meters, when two guys came around.  Knowing that this was my time to go I went to make my move around the guy in front of me, but it seemed that every way I went he went and I just could not get around him.  At one point I tried to squeeze between him and the fence, but it was not going to work, so I sat back and cruised to a 4th place finish.  I was satisfied with the finish in the crit, but knew it would not be enough to get me a win for the weekend or even put me on the podium.  In the end I finished 5th on the weekend, which out of 37 people going for the overall GC, was a pretty solid finish.  The upgrade points earned from the 4th place in the crit and the 5th place overall was enough to get me my Cat 2 upgrade, so the next race report will likely be from a whole new perspective!!       

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