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Towpath Report

26 Mar 2014 12:51 PM | Scott Main (Administrator)
I rode the towpath this afternoon, and I thought others might like an update on the trail's condition.  In fact, I'm posting this from my phone while eating lunch at Fernando's.  The temperature was a scant 24 degrees with mostly cloudy skies.  Had the temperature been above freezing, or had it been sunny, then the towpath would have been incredibly sloppy.

Even with the sub-freezing temperature, the first three miles of the trail were moderately muddy.  Between mile three and four the remnants of ice and snow surprised me.  If it were warmer, then it would have been entirely mush, slush and muck.  West of mile four the surface was firm and dry until mile eight.  The last three-quarters of a mile were a mixture of slop and ice, and there was one section that was long enough and slick enough I elected not to ride across it. 

In summary, the towpath is once again rideable, but one must be willing to contend with a fairly messy affair!  For those wanting the least muddy option, I would suggest riding the road to Bend View parking lot.  From the parking lot use the gravel path to access the trail just west of mile 4.25.  If you're riding with others, be in front, as riding on someone's rear wheel will be an utter mess!


  • 26 Mar 2014 3:19 PM | Allen Kraus
    One concern with a very wet surface is damage/rutting on the trail, especially if one skirts the edge of the trail to avoid large puddles/mud holes. Rutting and trail damage from bikes could cause trail closures for maintenance could impact our ability to ride on the trail when the conditions are better. Please keep this in mind.
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