Rolf Wheel Deal

As most members are probably aware, the Club has again been offered a sponsored Wheel Deal through Rolf Prima Wheels.  The procedure for the program will be similar to previous years, but with a couple of exceptions.  First, the deal is being offered through Cycle Werks bike shop, and second, pricing for the wheels will be based on the suggested retail price as listed on Rolf Prima’s website, which can be found here.  The details of the program are as follows:

1.  Club members’ prices for the wheels will be two-thirds (2/3 or 66.66%) of the retail price listed on the Rolf Prima website.  To find the pricing on the website, start by selecting the model of wheel.  Each model’s webpage contains a small chart with four tabs at the top.  Pricing is found at the bottom of the chat’s Spec tab.

2.  All models of Rolf wheels are available for purchase.

3.  Members will have to pay a shipping charge, which will be determined after receipt of the wheels.  I’m estimating this charge to be less than $25.

4.  Members are to send their wheel order and payment to Scott, either via e-mail  or post:

Scott Main   PO Box 1046   Bowling Green, OH  43402-1046

5.  Payment may be made via check (payable to MVW) , cash or PayPal (MVWpayments@woh.rr.com).  

6.  Wheel orders must be received by the close of Monday, the 29th of February.  

7.  Wheels will be shipped to Cycle Werks in Whitehouse for pick-up by each member.

8.  Wheels in-stock with Rolf Prima should be available to members within two weeks of placing the order.

9.  Cycle Werks in Whitehouse has Rolf Wheels in-stock.  Members are encouraged to visit the store to play touchy-feely with the wheels.

10.  If you are on the fence about purchasing a set of Rolf Wheels, please keep the following in mind.  Rolf Wheels has been an ardent supporter and sponsor of the Club for DECADES!  Over the years Rolf has contributed tens-of-thousands of dollars to supplement the cost of Club clothing, and such is the reason Rolf is displayed so prominently on our attire.  No sponsor has contributed more money and more support to the Club than Rolf.  Period!  A set of wheels is an absolute necessity of every bike; so please consider supporting Rolf Prima by riding a set of Rolf Prima wheels!

11.  You MUST be a 2016 Club member—social membership or above—to purchase a set of wheels.

12.  If you have questions, call Scott 419-494-3366.

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